4 Client Templates That Will Change Your Photography Business Forever

  1. Lucia says:

    Great article! So useful!

  2. Fanette Rickert says:

    Thank you so much Lucia! I am glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Rachel Adams says:

    what automation tool(s) do you use to send the welcome packet and questionnaire automatically? I have a dubsado demo this week and just downloaded Trello! Also, what tool do you use to “book a call”? I love that idea, although I’d like to send general pricing before I spend the time on a call. Is that included in your welcome packet?

    • Fanette Rickert says:

      Hi Rachel!

      Thank you so much for your questions, I’m glad you’re looking into automating, it’ll change your business! I do use Dubsado to send the welcome packet and questionnaire. The first one is schedule to be sent about an hour after the potential client enquires and includes my prices so that it filters out the clients that are not a good fit. The welcome packet includes a link to book a call with Calendly. Dubsado actually now has a scheduler as well, I just never made the switch. If you’d like some details about my workflow, you can check out this blog: https://french.ly/automating-with-crm/ Hope it helps!

      Have a great evening!

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