I learned to love food before I learned to shoot it. From making jam in my grandmother’s country kitchen to the year I spent working on an organic farm, my appreciation for the process of creating food runs deep. For me, food is about making things from scratch and enjoying them with intention. And a lot of friends. And some wine. 
For the French, food is an opportunity to slow down. We gather over meals to enjoy flavor, color, and scent. 

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My fresh, beautifully-crafted images evoke the lifestyle that your customers desire: taking the time to have a drink with good friends, enjoying quality, earthy products made from natural materials, laughing over a meal long into the night.
Your customers don’t just want to see specs and dimensions. They want to see that your products fit into the lifestyle they crave.

I approach photography in the same way, creating lively, colorful photos that invite your customers to the table.

As a former Creative Director, I understand the endless battle to generate on-brand photos. You invest in equipment, try your hand at styling, and in the end, maybe get a few decent shots. But before you know it, you’ll need more images. My custom photography packages will simplify your struggle.

Beautiful product photography instantly elevates your marketing.

I create beautiful brand photos inspired by my French culture.

I’m Fanette


My food photography draws your customers in, evoking the feeling of long dinners around a table with homemade food and plenty of wine. My style favors natural light whenever possible and focuses on the details to create unique and lively tablescapes.

Let’s save your brand from bad photos.

After building a successful photography business from the ground up, I’m inspired to help others do the same. 

When my husband and I decided to move to the US from Thailand, we 8 boxes, 2 suitcases, 2 dive bags, 2 cats, and no savings. I worked my way from a part-time job to the Creative Director of a marketing agency. When I was laid off, I decided to turn my photography hobby into a full-time business. But after my husband and I sat down at the kitchen table and took a hard look at the numbers, we decided I could only afford a few months of experimentation. Turns out it doesn’t take much to reinvent yourself.

With the right tools, resources, and mindset, you can take your dream from a crazy creative idea to day-to-day truth.

Let me show you how to nail your client experience, gain confidence in your skills, and upgrade your mindset. I share my best tips for photography, systems, branding, and more on my blog. 

In a little over two years, I’ve built solid relationships with repeat and retainer clients, have my own at-home studio, regularly invest in education, and never have to look for new leads.

If I can build a business from the ground up, you can too.

I approach product photography in the same story-first way. 

I favor eco-friendly brands whose mission of sustainability aligns with my values. I highlight these products in a way that reminds your customers how your product fits their lives.

I’m endlessly grateful for the freedom photography has created in my lifestyle {an absolute must for my crazy, creative brain!}. 

And my experience can help you do the same.

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Photography wasn’t my first {or second!} career choice, but as we say in France, “On ne fait pas d’omelette sans casser des œufs.” You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs! 

I like to say I lived a few lives before founding Frenchly Photography. For instance...

At University I set out to study medicine. Far too much math and competition!

My first job was working alongside Merrill Lynch traders on the floor of the Paris stock exchange.

After six years, I left Paris to explore the world for a few years and ended up working
as an underwater videographer for a diving school in Thailand.

Thailand is where I discovered a love for photography! Though I’d always been the one with a camera in hand, working in Thailand allowed that skill to bloom. And the many trips you took around South East Asia while living there were just the perfect excuses to practice those newly acquired skills and to come back with no less than tens of thousands of images.

My husband and I met in Thailand and were married there in 2011. We briefly moved back to the US, then spent a year living and working on organic farms around France, including a dairy farm! 

I worked as a Creative Director at a marketing agency in the Metro DC area, learning graphic and web design along the way and trying my hand at product photography for the first time.

My son, Jules, is just over a year old. We call him a tiny tyrant. He runs the house!

Fanette is a consummate professional to work with, and her work was exquisite on this latest job. She followed the requirements closely and added fantastic input during the process.

I would recommend her for product photography without hesitation!

Charles Samuel - 90odd

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Fanette is a pleasure to work with! She is an experienced and talented photographer, communicates easily, and provides quality photographs with the client's satisfaction as top priority. 

I highly recommend her! We plan to hire her again for another project in a few months.

Lucy Crawford - Upwork

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We were in need of a photographer to take some product photos for social media use and we could not have been more pleased with Fanette's work. Her work is consistently gorgeous and unique. We will definitely be working with Fanette in the future for all photography needs

We feel fortunate to have found her and she has been an incredible asset to our business!

Christine Bell - Hope Bars

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