5 Simple Steps to Effectively Onboard New Clients

  1. […] In some cases, packages are not an option and you need to tailor your project to the client needs. Specificity is then a life-saver for the photographer-client relationship. We’ve all had that client who expected you to work miracles. Make sure to manage those expectations up front, so when you turn over those final images your clients know exactly what they’re going to see, how much of it they’re getting, and what they can do with their images going forward. If you need step by step guidance on how to onboard new clients, check out this blog post. […]

  2. […] is the first tool I used for my business automation and it is a lifesaver. When I’m onboarding a client, it really streamlines the process for me so that I can focus on learning their needs and […]

  3. […] to jump on it when you get that first offer! Have all of your paperwork ready to go, create an onboarding workflow for yourself, and know what pipeline you want customers to […]

  4. […] onboarding packet is for clients who have decided to work with me. Yay! It gives them a lot of the same […]

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  6. […] you take a few minutes during client onboarding to consider how well you mesh with a client, you are in turn guaranteeing a certain level of […]

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