Create a compelling proposal in minutes and win more clients and projects!

Based on my own workflow, this Canva template is 100% focused on commercial food and product photographers.

It is designed to show your prospect you are the right person for the job, with compelling process pages, showcase of your work and past projects, FAQs, testimonials and more.

The Client Proposal Template includes:
✔️ A customizable proposal template for sending estimates to clients
✔️ Helpful tips and advice integrated into the template
✔️ A complete tutorial on how to use the template in Canva

Are you ready to show up with confidence?

Client Proposal Template

get the proposal template - $37

Besides saving you hours each week, it will also help you be more confident when you reach out to clients {so you can charge more} and get you started with the basis of an amazing client experience.

stop overthinking it

What if you knew what to say, and just needed a few customizations to press the "send" button with confidence? That’s what I’m offering you.


This 17-page PDF has everything you need to create an outstanding proposal that will allow you to stand out... so you can focus on the other stuff ;)


Get your name on the top of the pile!

gain more confidence

I have included resources to get you started with Canva and a tutorial to show you how to customize the template to make it uniquely yours!

- Bianca @lenoxbakery

"I recently gave my pricing and services guide to a client who stated that normally they don’t pay that much for sponsored post but because I made the process seamless from start to finish they would pay that. It is all because of you and all of your knowledge I was able to create a seamless client experience!!"

- Preethi

Fanette's templates are a game changer. It is so useful for someone who wants to look professional when interacting with clients. And the clients find it very helpful as it has all the information they are looking for. Saves a lot of time. I now respond to client's enquiries quickly and efficiently.

What they're saying:

What They're Saying:

I used to send my prices in the body of a simple email (or in a spreadsheet when I wanted to go “fancy”).

But there is nothing commanding or professional about sending a number in an email and I always felt sheepish sending my prices this way.

Which lead to me lowering the price due to lack of confidence 😭 Sounds familiar? Then this is for you!

get the proposal template - $37

Why the Proposal Template?

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