Having to be constantly present on social media, figuring out where to find the next clients, putting together proposals, making sense of licensing and contracts, not to mention managing the client projects... I know it can feel like a lot.

You're often overwhelmed by all the moving parts of running a business. Sometimes you even wish some of these things could do themselves! 🪄

That's where I come in. With all my shiny resources, templates and other geekeries {it's a word} I will make your like 100 times easier.

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you can be creative and organised. I'm the living proof of it.

Hi! My name is Fanette Rickert, an executive assistant turned scuba diving instructor turned graphic designer turned professional food and product photographer. ← That last one is my favorite so far. 🙂

I'm here to help you create an amazing client experience so you don't have to spend so much time pitching. With my resources, you'll be able to setup systems in your business so you can finally spend less time on admin stuff and more doing what you love!

nobody told you that running a photography business meant that you would have to wear litteraly all the hats...

Are you ready to spend {a lot} less time on admin work and more time taking pictures?

i create resources and templates to help photographers like you do just that {what you love}

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