Over 25 Food Photography Props you probably already have

  1. […] Food just looks better when there’s a small amount of carefully-chosen pieces, as opposed to a mound of food. They will, however, look quite lost if you use regular-sized dinner plates, so make sure to use salad plates and small bowls. When styling food, smaller props in general work best. For ideas about this, check out my post about 25 food photography props that you probably already own. […]

  2. […] quick trip to the store, no biggie. You finish your recipe and start styling your set. Hmm… that plate doesn’t quite work, you need to use the other one, which is too big for the amount of food you […]

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  4. […] to shoot product photography, food photography props found in thrift stores or my own kitchen. You probably already own most of what you need for the first few projects! And today, I have invested in a lot of […]

  5. […] {Psst! To find more ideas for props you may already have, check out this blog post!} […]

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