5 Ways to Find Photography Clients

  1. Anja says:

    That was so informative Fanette 😀 Thank you!

  2. Very useful tips, thanks for sharing them. I’ll definitely incorporate them in my schedule. It all seems a little daunting to me as a beginner. But guidance from experienced will make things easy. So thanks again for sharing these tips with us.


    • Fanette Rickert says:

      Hi Suniya!
      Thank you so much for your message. Yes, I remember it all seemed very daunting at first, so feel free to ask questions!
      Have a great day!

  3. Francy Morales says:

    This was such a helpful content. Being a photographer, it is not only about doing great photos, it is also about, finding clients, having good relations, CRM, follow-ups, improving your techniques, and on, and on. Unstoppable work!
    Thank u so much for sharing your valuable knowledge!

    • Fanette Rickert says:

      Hi there!
      Sorry, I seem to have totally missed your comment before…
      I am glad you are finding this useful! And yes, there is a lot that goes into a photography business and I love to share with you guys what I learned over the past few years! Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any question!

  4. Rubel Ahmed says:

    Thanks a lot for such a great article. this is so useful to me, I am looking forward for many such wonderful article from you.

  5. Jeya says:

    Thank you so much for all these tips Fanette! Could you precise the other ways to engage brands on social medias except using the comments and likes? Thank you so much!!

    • Fanette Rickert says:

      Thank you for your question Jeya! My favorite way to interact is to comment on their stories! That way the comment lands in their DMs and it starts a 1-1 conversation, which is a lot more intimate. You can also share their content if you truly enjoy their products or food. I also engage on LinkedIn and other platforms. I hope it helps!

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