How to Create an Elevated Client Experience

  1. Nina Nagy says:

    Hi Fanette!

    Things are getting serious, so I reread all your blogposts regarding client work, which are all so so so helpful 🙂

    There are two questions from my side:
    1. The client questionnaire.
    Do you send your clients open questions via e-mail or questions that already give answering options to choose from? Or a ready-made questionnaire template? I’m curious how that looks like.

    2. The mood board.
    Do you create a mood board via Photoshop? Kind of freehand everytime? Or do you also use templates for it? And how do you let the client see the mood board? Pinterest e.g. does not work for people that don’t have an account. That’s why I sent out a pdf recently, because I did not know what to do instead.

    Looking forward to your answers 🙂

    Kind regards,

  2. Fanette Rickert says:

    Hi Nina!

    Thank you so much for your great questions!!

    For the client questionnaire, I actually created it in Dubsado – see the article about CRMs for photographers. The questionnaire itself kinda looks like a Google survey – some are open ended questions, and some are multiple choice type. Some clients skip it and prefer to talk on the phone, so I will ask the questions then.

    For the mood board, it’s funny you ask… I will be sharing a free template in the next blog post that I will publish in a couple of days (or you will get it by email if you are on the email list). I have created in on Canva and usually save it as a pdf that I send to my client.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other question! Thanks Nina!

  3. Nina Nagy says:

    Thank you so much for answering my questions so quickly!

    I really need to take a closer look at Dubsado and it’s power 😉 I saw that they have a free trial version with no time limit. It would be great creating the survey with the help of this tool, so clients that are very busy can skip the phone call this way.

    Aaahhh…great! Also, need to get more into Canva. So I’m really looking forward to your template 🙂 And good to know that you also send pdfs.

    Thank you so much Fanette! I’m pretty sure there will be more questions soon 😀

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