How to Use the Lightroom Basic Panel

  1. […] read my last posts, Getting Started with Lightroom, and Lightroom: Basic Panel and you are ready to learn some advanced Lightroom editing techniques? (If you haven’t checked […]

  2. […] Once the broad strokes are looking good, I go through with adjustment brushes to remove unwanted spots or add brightness/darken specific areas of my image. I try to get my lighting correct in-camera, but if I want to add a little something extra I will sometimes use a graduated or radial filter (in the tool kit above the Basic menu). […]

  3. […] I cannot stress enough how much my images improved when I finally learned to properly edit them. Use Lightroom to its fullest but also learn to know and see what is missing from your image that could transform it from a good image to a great one. I just happen to have a series of blog posts that can help you with this, whether you’re a true Lightroom beginner, an advanced user, or somewhere in between. […]

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