How To Host a Simple French-Inspired Spring Brunch

Happy April Friends!

It’s slowly warming up here in D.C. and I’m itching to celebrate soon with a spring-time brunch. When I lived in France, I felt like it was much easier just to pop into a friends house unannounced and whip up some brunch; in the states, we’re all very spread out and scheduled so I want to offer some tips so for an effortless, French-inspired brunch. Now, the key to brunch is always this: lots of friends, good food and no stress. If you feel like you’re rushing to create the perfect cheese spread and ignoring your guests in the process, then you’re doing it wrong! If you want a truly French brunch, then make sure to enjoy it as much as possible!

Read below for my three tips for a French-Inspired Spring brunch:

1. Use Simple Ingredients:

A French brunch will almost always rely heavily on bread, eggs and cheese. Because in France you can pretty much always walk to the closest bakery, it’s a non-issue. Here though, it is not quite the case, so I like to keep partially-baked and frozen baguettes in my freezer. Throw them in the oven for a few minutes and then *voila* your house is filled with that delicious freshly backed bread sent! (Hot Tip: add a shallow pan with water to the oven for a crispier bread).

Healthy Spring Brunch - Frenchly Photography

2. Prep Your Spring Brunch The Day Before:

For my brunches, I like to choose recipes that can be prepared the day before, like quiches or muffins, or easy recipes that can be made in just a few minutes. I always have 2 dozens eggs in the fridge, and cheese, of course, which makes whipping up simple recipes especially doable. I love this simple crepes recipe or this hardier quiche. Don’t forget something sweet for dessert!

French Breakfast - Frenchly Photography

3. Always Have Wine:

French will drink wine at a brunch. If you do so, make sure you choose a light red or white, or even better, a chilled rosé wine! Of course you can always choose the classic brunch mimosa. Add a little extra flavor and elegance with fresh berries or fruit in your bubbly. (Hot Tip: Trader Joe’s always has very reasonably priced wines. Make sure to stock up during your next stops so that you’re not scrambling last minute to run to the store before your guests arrive).

Remember: the whole point of gathering with friends and family is to relax, catch up and savor the moment. 
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