My favorite breakfast toasts

I love breakfast. It is my favorite meal of the day. And I am not afraid to have breakfast for dinner. Croissants, baguette loaded with butter and jam or cheese (did I mention I was French?), a tub of coffee, and I am in heaven. Unfortunately, if you are like me and you are {slightly} addicted to sugar, then this is possibly the worst way to start the day as it gives you a huge sugar spike that will probably take you into a spiral of high and low blood sugar episodes, creating cravings for more sugar all day long. To avoid that, I tried many different types of breakfast: overnight oatmeal, chia pudding, smoothies, you name it. And while I really enjoy them and I find them super delicious, I usually feel hungry a couple hours later and I typically reach out for something sweet. Enter the avocado toast. That’s right, for breakfast. My best friend is a naturopath, and I reached out to her a few months ago to help with my sugar cravings. Before we dug into any sort of detail about my diet, she asked me what I had for breakfast, and she suggested I switched for a breakfast loaded with fat and proteins. And boy did that make a huge difference. From day one. And now, two months into my new eating habits, this morning staple is still my favorite diet change and it has helped immensely reduce my sugar cravings. Let me share with you my favorite “recipes”:

The good fat Avocado Toast

Food Photography - Avocado Toast

To add more healthy fat and essential proteins, I add a slice of smoked salmon on top of the avo toast. While it adds a bunch of calories, it actually keeps me full well into the morning and until my usually late lunch without the need for a mid morning snack. I love to sprinkle some healthy veggie salt on there (my favorite brand is Herbamare, you have to try it!) and some organic lemon pepper. A squeeze of lemon on top and I am ready to tackle the day!


10-minute-egg, miso butter and microgreens toast

Food photography - toast

I love eggs. I could eat them all day. What I didn’t know was that the reap most of the benefits of the proteins and the ‘good fat’ of the eggs, it is better to eat them while the yolk is still runny. So I started cooking 10 min eggs. I usually cook a batch of them when I do my #mealprepmonday and then I use them throughout the week, in my salad or on my toast. To make them, just bring a pot of water to a boil, then drop your eggs and turn the heat down to a simmer. Let the eggs cook for 10 minutes, remove then from the hot water and dunk them in a bowl of ice water (otherwise they will continue to cook). For toast, I typically start with a generous layer of miso butter (love this recipe from the Healthyish cookbook), and I sprinkle with microgreens for added nutrients.


Fresh cheese, homemade spread and fruits toast

Food Photography - toast

For the days when I really want something sweet, this is my favorite toast. I will usually start with a layer of fresh cheese (I love Laura Chesnel’s fresh goat cheese, but I also love to make my own ricotta cheese), then I add a homemade fruit spread and some fresh berries on top.

As much as I love jam, I keep it for special occasion, just because it is absolutely loaded with sugar (my grandma’s ratio for making jam was one to one fruits to sugar, oh my, was that a gooood jam…). To make my fruit spreads, I buy organic dried fruits, like fig or apricots (choose a fruit that is naturally rich in sugar), and I soak it in liquid for about half an hour. I typically use a herbal tea for the apricots, and coffee (yes, coffee) for the figs. Once they have soaked and they are all plumped, I put them in the blender and puree them (I like a little bit of chunks, but you can add some liquids to make the spread smoother or more liquid). I prep them on Mondays, and keep them in a glass jar in the refrigerator for up to a week.

These are my 3 absolute favorite (and quick!) breakfast toast recipes. Have your tried the avocado toast for breakfast? Do you have other breakfast toast recipes that you swear by? Share in the comments below!