The French girl behind the camera

Welcome to my blog.

This is my adventures in photography, or how a French girl ends up running a photography business in Virginia.

Like all good stories, it all started in Paris. In a cubicle, working for a major business bank. For many years, this was a ton of fun. Then when the fun wore off and I got tired of the cubicle, I cashed out my stock options and decided to leave for a one-year around the world trip. To be completely honest, I wasn’t completely sure I was going to last a whole year… It is now thirteen years later, and I haven’t been back.

I traveled through South East Asia and Australia, until somebody pointed out a small island off the East Coast of Thailand called Koh Tao. It was a divers’ paradise and people would get there for a few days and end up staying for months (4 years in my case). I started by taking my rescue course (3 days) and thought I would hang out a little longer and take my divemaster course (a few weeks). The divemaster course allows you to work as a dive guide, so I stayed a little longer. Then somebody put a video camera in my hands and sent me to film the pretty fishes… Very soon, I added a point and shoot camera, then a DSLR and started shooting everything around me. When I finally left Thailand (with a husband and 2 cats), I had tens of thousands of pictures, hours of footage, and a solid passion for photography.

We spent a year in France before we moved to the US. Once back in the “real world” as the expats call it on Koh Tao, I consolidated my skills and knowledge in photography and soon started working for local businesses. Food and product photography quickly became my specialty and my favorite area of photography.

I now work with photography agencies, bloggers, restaurants, local and national businesses… I will share with you my passion for fresh and {mostly} vegetarian food with some recipes, but mostly pictures, as well as some anecdotes and tips.

So welcome, and let’s connect and share some great recipes and beautiful images 🙂