Planning Food Photography Pictures

  1. […] 23/ Plan your shoot. It is important that you go into your shoot knowing what the image you want to create will look like, what props and garnish (again! it’s an obsession…) you will be using. If you need some tips on how to plan a shoot, check out my previous blog post. […]

  2. […] you are ready to start food styling and food photography, check out my post about how to plan your food photography pictures. Yes, you should plan them ahead not just wing them […]

  3. […] Much like lighting, composition can make or break an image. Knowing how you are going to shoot your image beforehand is key. When I know the recipe, I do some research, gather inspiration, and sometimes do a little prop shopping. Then I draw a sketch with the camera angle, the lighting, the props, so I can set the scene up before preparing the food, which is especially useful if I’m shooting alone. This allows me time to think through where the light is coming from and where I’ll place the props in relation to the food. Planning ahead simply makes the actual shoot much more organized and eases the scramble of shooting those time-sensitive recipes. Check my previous post about how to plan your shots here. […]

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