From your pitching schedule to your branding strategy to all those active projects on your plate, it’s all too easy for the bits and pieces of your business to end up scattered. But as frustrating as it is to click through folder after folder looking for the same thing again, there never seems to be time to give everything a home.

Très Trello is your plug and play framework for all those scattered resources, plans, and middle-of-the-night ideas. Easy to jump into, effortless to maintain, and proven effective in my own successful photography business, you can get your entire biz organized with Trello in no time flat.

Très Trello

Get organized with Très Trello — $27

Logos, fonts, color codes, and more, all in one board! Your web designer will adore you, but even better, you’ll never have to dig for those pesky hex codes again.

Brand Like a Boss

Two Client Project boards keep your pipeline, onboarding, and project management running like a well-oiled machine.

Keep Your Clients Happy

No, really!
The Editorial Calendar and Content Calendar boards give you a bird’s eye view of your social media, blog, and email list plans.

Stay on Top of Content Creation

I have included resources to get you started with Canva and a tutorial to show you how to customize the template to make it uniquely yours!

Plan a Smooth Week, Every Week

Keep track of details, timelines, and responses with the Pitching Tracker board, even with a jam-packed pitching schedule.

Never Forget to Follow up on a Pitch

Have big plans for your business but don’t know where to start? Use the Goal Action Plan board to track your progress and set achievable milestones.

Reach Your Goals in Record Time

I know what it takes to manage a photography business, because I do it every day!

When I started my food and product photography business 8 years ago, I thought I already knew a lot about staying organized. But when Frenchly Photography took off, I found myself being pulled in a lot of different directions. Sure enough, all my resources, files, and business assets were wandering off into different directions, too! Then I stumbled across Trello. It was a lifesaver as I juggled my brand assets, a million ideas for new content, and the client work that fueled it all.

Months of trial and error later, I had an army of Trello boards keeping my business organized and my sanity intact! Now I’ve created Très Trello to share those boards with you—plus a few I wish I had created for myself way back when—in one easy-to-access workspace.

New to Trello? No problem!

I’ve created video trainings to walk you through every step, and each template comes with instructions and examples to get you started.

Goal Action Plan

Set goals, track your progress, and meet milestones with confidence.

Pitching Tracker

Reach out to new brands consistently and know exactly when to follow up.

Business Roadmap

Set up a workflow that works for you while keeping track of all the little details.

Weekly Planning

Stay on top of your schedule and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Editorial Calendar

Get a bird’s eye view of your content plans, from blog posts to your email list and more.

Content Calendar

Finally get ahead with a monthly overview of your Instagram content.

Client Projects-1

Manage leads, proposals, and invoicing with ease! Think of it as your onboarding dashboard.

Client Projects-2

Track multiple clients and their projects—all the relevant info, right at your fingertips.

Brand Board

Access your brand’s logos, colors, fonts, and any other guidelines, any time you want.

A comprehensive workspace with 10 boards designed to make your life as a professional photographer more organized and easier to navigate.

Here’s What You Get:

Get started with Très Trello today and have a fully organized business this time tomorrow!

No more imposter syndrome, no more digging for the same information over and over again...just an intuitive database designed to fit you and a workflow that finally makes sense. It’s time for your business to start working for YOU!

Get Très Trello — $27

Get Très Trello — $27

PLUS my video trainings to walk you through the basics of Trello and each of the Trello boards!

Refund Policy

This is a digital download which means I am unable to provide refunds once the file has been purchased. If you have any questions or concerns prior to purchasing, please please do not hesitate to contact me.

I kindly request that you refrain from sharing this template with others, as it is strictly forbidden. If any sharing is detected, it will result in the removal of user access, along with DMCA notices and legal action. Please be aware that no refund will be given in such cases and only the purchaser is authorized to access the files they have purchased.