A customizable contract drafted by an intellectual property lawyer who understands the specific needs of food and product photographers like you.

Finding the right contract is a daunting task for creatives who prefer to spend their time behind the camera. What if the language is wrong? What if something gets left out? Now you can finally let those worries go! This contract template includes all the necessary clauses to protect you and your client—and to start your project off on the right foot with clear communication. 

Here’s what you get:
✔   A comprehensive template with all the clauses necessary to protect all the aspects of your projects.
✔   A PDF download that will walk you through each clause one by one to explain what they mean and recommend best practices.
✔   A cheat sheet to help you with all the questions you may have on how to use a contract.

Contract Template

Get the Contract Template - $147

I included a walk through, where I explain what each clause means {in plain English}. I also include some recommendations based on the type of project and some words of cautions so you don't miss the important information! 

the cheat sheet

Probably my favorite part of the contract is the cheat sheet! In this document, I summarise in a few words what each clause does and means so you can very quickly find what you need without digging through pages of template! You're welcome :)

the contract walk-through

We included a separate licensing clause to make sure that all the information about the licensing agreement are clear for everyone!

detailed licensing clause

One of the most important (and often overlooked part), is the scope of work. This is where all the details of who does what get recorded so there is no mishap!

clear scope of work

I don’t want to have you guess what to include! That’s why I included a video to walk you through what you {and shouldn’t} include in your proposals!

contract ready in a few minutes

I worked on this contract with a license IP lawyer to prepare a contract that will especially fit your needs as a food and product photographer, and include al the necessary clauses.

prepared by a licensed attorney

Protect yourself and your business!

- Kalina @pixdelight

This commercial contract was exactly what I was looking for. It covers all the basics from delivery to copyrights. I can modify it as I want, depending on the type of job. I use it for the first time this week and I felt super confident sending it to my client. Thank you so much Fanette for creating this contract and making it available for purchase!!

- Sean @misa.hungry

This contract kit was VERY helpful and I loved how well put together Fanette made this. (...) The other great thing is how she included a simple version of what each section said and made it easy to understand since legal terms can be quite confusing. At this price point, I think it is well worth it since many others I've seen, and even purchased, were for much more than this!

what they're saying

What They're Saying:

This contract was created with the help of a professional Intelectual Property lawyer. However, note that this template does not constitute legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed by purchasing or viewing the contract template. It is also recommended that you consult counsel licensed for your jurisdiction

Note that this contract is not personalized to you. It will be your responsibility to customize the document to fit your business and each project you choose to take on. You will also need to check all federal, state and local laws to make sure you are in compliance with them.