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From underpaid and overbooked to working with high paying clients who align with your values 

"I've just completed two separate jobs for clients incorporating some of the tools/ content you've taken us through in EDIT. Such a game-changer! I feel much more polished and professional, and I'm sure that really comes across to the client. (...) One of the shoots was a big job, and I was a little nervous. I spent quite a lot of time on this document, but I went into the shoot with crystal clear focus on the day."

Kate @katiejoyscott

I recently gave my pricing and services guide to a client who stated that normally they don’t pay that much for sponsored post but because I made the process seamless from start to finish they would pay that. 

Bianca @lenoxbakery

{Check out what former students are saying about the E.D.I.T Framework}

The E.D.I.T Framework

Learn how you can craft an exceptional client experience and streamline your business so you can spend time on what's truly important

What if you could...

Elevate your brand

Have a stream of recurring clients so you don’t have to constantly look for new ones.

Get to choose the clients you work with, so you can focus on fulfilling work, and even have time for passion projects

Have a well thought out process that allows you to spend less time on admin duties and more time on what you enjoy the most.

Be able to quit the day job {or be confident that you'll never have to go back}, and you can pay yourself well, and even hire some help.

Develop systems
and processes

Improve your
photoshoot workflow

Transform your
client experience


You will also get:

email swipe files

13 email templates!
My whole client workflow, from initial inquiry to final delivery.
Written by a professional copywriter
Eliminate the guesswork and save yourself hours of work!

workflows + checklists

Get my entire client workflow system and weekly planner on Trello, as well as the checklists I use for my photoshoots and work on locations!


Every week, I will give you assignments relative to what we just learned. Those are optional but they are a great way to implement the steps and get a head start!

Private facebook group

Join a community of like-minded photographers who will be following the program alongside you so you can share your experiences, give each other feedback and create long-lasting relationships.
You will have lifetime access to the group and I will be personally active and will provide feedback and answer all your questions for up to 12 weeks.

weekly calls

Every Thursday, we'll meet on a Zoom call. I will go through the week's material, identify your struggles and answer any question you may have. We'll also have hot seats and the possibility to be paired up with an accountability partner.


From my welcome guide to my proposal and mood board, get your hands on my client templates!
- professionally designed
- customizable in Canva
- upgrade your client experience in just minutes



I wanted to create this program "workshop-style".
That means that I will be coaching you through the materials every week on a live call and that I will be giving you feedback on your assignments.

I will also be there to answer your questions in the Facebook group.

I want this experience to be interactive and I'll be pushing you to be as involved as possible.

Let's grow together!

Take control of your time and finally see yourself as a "real business" (while getting rid of imposter syndrome)

"This course is a blueprint for entrepreneurs photographers. As an experienced entrepreneur and business owner herself, Fanette lays out the whole structure of the photographer's journey from the get-go. (...) The Framework helped me gain clarity on my own workflow and gave me the tools to grow my own business. 

Maria @artoflightstudio

"I have achieved more in my business in the last month than I have in the last 3 years. Not only that, but an unexpected side effect of this course has been that by buckling down to make sure all my ducks were in a row, and arming myself with a well thought out plan of action and system to guide me has helped fight back against the imposter syndrome that we all battle with."

Jenn @jenniferhulley

I am a food and product photographer helping eco-friendly and sustainable brands spread their message with beautiful, light-filled images. 

I show photographers how to craft an exceptional client experience and how to use powerful resources and tools to help them streamline their work, so they can focus on what’s truly important.

I like to say that food photography is my fourth career and I often feel like my previous day-jobs have all helped me become the successful business owner I am today. 

For 7 years as a high level Executive Assistant {snore} I learned organization, time and priorities management and how to create systems. 

As a graphic designer and Creative Director I learned how to use fonts, colors and photos to create beautiful brands, but also that branding is not only a logo. It’s the client experience as a whole and that every touchpoint needs to be thought of.

Last but not least, my time as a scuba diver instructor and dive shop manager in Thailand {you read that right} taught me that the customer experience is everything.

Each of them taught me very different life skills and valuable lessons that I bring together in one course, to help you create your own successful business.

I’m Fanette,

Hi there!

A few clients I worked with