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5 best productivity tools for photographers

Productivity tools are all the rage today and if you do a simple Google search for “best productivity tools for business”, you will be overwhelmed by the number of apps and software out there. I am all about saving time. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t start my own company to work 60 […]

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Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Time management for entrepreneurs is already tough as it is, but if you throw in busy mom life in the mix, it can quickly feel impossible. When I decided to take my photography business full time, my husband had just started a new job, one with opportunity but where he’d have to work overtime to […]

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More than 25 Food Photography Props you probably already have

It might seem overwhelming to add food photography props to the long list of equipment, software, backdrops, education that you are looking at purchasing when starting a photography business. But it doesn’t have to be. Despite the fact that you don’t need super fancy equipment when you are just starting, you also don’t need to […]

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Simple steps to onboarding clients - Frenchly Photography

5 Simple Steps to Effectively Onboard New Clients

Picture this: you reached out to your favorite brands, tapped all your connections, talked to all the local restaurants. And then one day, it finally happens. Somebody wants to hire you. You found the client, the hard part is done, right? Now what’s next? Crap. You don’t have the first idea where to start! In this post, I put together a simple process to onboard new clients that works for me

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Quick Guide: Food Photography Workflow

You know that last minute trip to the grocery store that really sets you back a couple of hours? Or having to reshoot client images because you didn’t have a shot list to work from?

Well, say goodbye to your old way of working and hello to the more organised version of you. You’re just going to love this checklist.

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Personal Branding - Frenchly Photography by Fanette Rickert

Personal branding guidelines for photographers

I am sure you have heard of personal branding before. It is kind of a buzzword these days and you see it peppered into pins on Pinterest, in your favorite podcast, and and quite a few Instagram Stories. You probably think that branding doesn’t apply to you but only to large companies and, well, brands. […]

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Best Client Management System for your Photography business - Frenchly Photography

Why you need a Client Management system to become a successful photographer

Okay, I know talking about client management systems and automation and organization in general is not very sexy for a lot of people (it is for me, but I am a bit of a geek…). But how does having more time and being able to drinks Maï Thaï on the beach sound? A lot more sexy, right? Well, this might just be what you get if you start using a Client Management System. Maybe the beach and the drink is pushing it, but I promise you that it will save A LOT of time.

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5 Actionable product stying TIPS for more professional photos. Product Photography by Frenchly Photography - Fanette Rickert

Take Better Photos With These 5 Product Styling Tips

Whether you are shooting your own products or shooting for a client, you must be able to produce professional product images that will attract customers. Carefully planned and executed product styling will ensure your images will communicate the brand values as well as create a representation of a lifestyle that will attract the brand’s ideal customer.

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